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Seeking a muse to light your way?

Meet Iris. A hedonistic artist, rich with creativity and thirsty for intimate exploration. Is she your gothic reverie? Manic pixie anime fantasy? Tenderly cruel mistress? ...Yes. The dryad of your dreams made flesh, a protean girl whose keen eye grasps the beauty in the world around her... The beauty in you. Your smile, your laughter, your sorrows, your lust. Your vulnerability laid bare.

I'm the kind of woman who sees poetry in our fingers interlaced, hears the song in our sighs of ecstasy. I eat fruit from the vine, slow down to savour the sweet perfume of flowers, and stay up late to stargaze. I also enjoy drawing, wine, writing, cooking projects, gaming, long rose petal laden baths, meditating in the forest... Deep conversations, and of course, touch. My natural habitat is strewn among sheets, pondering the human experience, and how to be your best lover.

It's high time we celebrate ourselves. Our hearts, minds, and unique sensuality. From the languorous strokes of slow lovemaking... To the desperate thrusts of animalistic passion... A gentle embrace in the wake of your first time... And everything in between. Whatever your age, size, gender, fetishes, or experience level... Show me your shapes and colors, and come into my open arms.

Surrender to lithe, loving, petite hands... Soft lips caressing your body. Feel the warmth of my porcelain skin against yours, hair the color of wildflowers, trailing down your thighs, and almond eyes... Fixed on you. Cast your fig leaf into my fire, and unfetter your imagination.

My temple awaits discovery.

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My Best Feature: My coy smile and bedroom eyes

My favorite position: Spooning, Modified missionary

My favorite toy(s): Body wand!

My favorite sport(s): The intimate kind.

My favorite color(s): Red! Lipstick, Cherries, Shiny new cars.

The Most Unusual place I had Sex: You'll have to ask me in person.

Language(s) I speak: .

My fantasy: An orgy.

Iris's body stats

My height: 5 feet 5 inch

My current weight: 125

My current hair-color: Blue/Green/Pink/Other

My eye color is: Brown

My current stats are: 34B 24 36

I am: Asian

My current age is: 30

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August 2019 - November 2019
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